14 Tips to Start a Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Kari Williamson, BS, RN, LNCC, CCM, recently shared her top ten valuable tips for starting a new LNC business in the AALNC LinkedIn Group. Several commented with their own ideas as well, view the full list below and visit the LinkedIn Group to connect with other LNCs who have been there and done that.  

  1. Have a designated work space for equipment, supplies, files, etc.
  2. Set short and long term goals. Make doable and review consistently.
  3. Learn your target market...really learn it.
  4. Develop a marketing packet that speaks directly to your target. Don't just put together something for multiple targets.
  5. Network. Network. Build relationships and offer to help! This shows your worth.
  6. Be patient. This will typically be a very long process and is not for the faint of heart!
  7. Content, content, content! Blog, engage here in LinkedIn, etc.
  8. Take and look for speaking engagements. They do not have to be large, just do it!
  9. You must build your authority in the industry. Author articles, educational material, etc.
  10. And yes...be patient...VERY, VERY patient.
  11. Karen Apy noted that, “A successful LNC practice builds relationships with clients and provides valuable nursing knowledge and medical interpretation of facts for litigation. It takes time to grow any practice, most will quite, stay strong, there is plenty of analytical nursing skills needed. We hold a very important collection of critical thinking skills that will benefit the industry for years to come.”
  12. Theresa Ellingsen shared how to switch the page layout mid-report, “In Word document, choose the Insert Click Breaks, then Next Page, then Layout, then Landscape. Happy reporting.”
  13. Patricia Rider said, “Working with Word tables for developing chronologies, converting PDF's to Word docs and vice versa are imperative. But help is out there! There are so many great sites you can bring up on a Goggle search for assistance, and YouTube is awesome, for I am a very visual learner, and need to see it done. ”
  14. Lori Combs suggested that the following is vital, “Designated work times. Set that phone down and shut the computer off and make time to decompress, re-evaluate and spend time with your family.”
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