2017 Nominations Now Open

Board of Directors

AALNC's Board of Directors establishes a strategic plan to achieve the mission and goals of the organization. In order to accomplish this; the Board sets policies, directs current and future activities, and manages the organization's elected officers, directors, volunteers, JLNC Editor, Director of Programs and Education, and Headquarters staff. The Board of Directors has direct fiduciary responsibility and is responsible to the membership from which it was elected.

AALNC is currently seeking candidates to serve as a Director-at-Large. In addition to the general board duties, there are position-specific duties for the directors. The duties for the Director-at-Large position include:

  • Represent and serve as liaison between Board of Directors and the chapter/local membership
  • Serve as Board liaison to committee(s) as assigned
  • Encourage local and chapter members to become involved in AALNC committees and activities
  • Serve a three year term

Time Expectations

AALNC acknowledges that much time is asked of its volunteers. The volunteer team is AALNC's most vital resource, and the organization depends heavily upon all volunteers to manage the organization.

All the positions require the following:

  • Attendance at the annual Legal Nurse Consulting Education and Networking Forum and concurrent meetings, including a Board Meeting, Board Orientation, Annual Business Meeting, and committee meetings (as needed)
  • Attendance at 1-2 interim, in-person Board Meetings (typically over weekends)
  • Attendance at monthly Board Meetings via conference call
  • Attendance at Committee Meetings via conference call (typically monthly)

As a board member, please also anticipate approximately 8-12 hours a week in organizational business. This includes general business (emails, conference calls, reviewing financials and other documents, etc.) as well as various projects (i.e. serving as board liaison to the committees).

Download Board of Director's Application:

Leadership Succession Committee

The Leadership Succession Committee has the below responsibilities:

  1. Presenting a single slate of officers to serve terms beginning at the Annual Business Meeting of the following year.
  2. Presenting a single slate of directors to serve terms beginning at the Annual Business Meeting of the following year. The director positions for which the Committee will present a “slate” will be those with terms which terminate at the Annual Business Meeting.
  3. Presenting a single slate of Leadership Succession Committee members to serve terms beginning at the Annual Business Meeting of the following year.
  4. Recommending policies or best practices to the Board of Directors which are related to the nominations process.
  5. Serve a two year term.

In addition, other tasks may include:

  1. Identifying potential members to fill the open positions for that year.
  2. Calling potential candidates to see if they are interested in serving on the board and/or LSC.
  3. Answering candidate questions about the application process.
  4. Participating in monthly conference calls.
  5. Conducting phone interviews with potential candidates and writing a brief summary of the call.
  6. Reviewing and commenting on candidate applications.
  7. Evaluating candidates for proper fit on the board and/or LSC.

Time Expectations

The Leadership Succession Committee shall complete its work so that its recommended slate of officers and directors can be published 60 days in advance of the Annual Business meeting. Members will be given 30 days to ratify the recommended slate of directors and Leadership Succession Committee members. Work for this committee will begin in early summer (June/July) and conclude by December.

Term Length

This term is for two years.

Download Leadership Succession Committee Application:

All applicants must be current members of AALNC. The deadline to submit an application for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors and/or Leadership Succession Committee is October 14, 2016. If you have any questions contact us at info@aalnc.org or (877) 402-2562.

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