We Asked...LNCs Answered: 5 Must-Know Business Tips for LNCs

We Asked Experienced LNCs to Give Business Advice to Someone Considering Starting Their Own LNC Business and Here's What They Had to Say...

“I would tell a new LNC to not get caught up in buying all kinds of equipment, software, office supplies, etc. You can do this with minimal expense and don't let anyone convince you that you need to have all kinds of ‘stuff,’" advised Lori Combs BS, RN, LNC, CFN, CFC

“While some things do need to be put into writing, there are times when what you write can come back to haunt you. Be careful of what you write and how you write it.  It can all be discoverable – one way or another,” cautioned Lynda Sheehan RN, LNCC

"First, take good care of your health. Eat healthy, exercise, and get adequate sleep. Second, follow the 52:17 rule. Focus intensely on your work project for 52 minutes, then take a break for 17 minutes before re-dedicating your full attention back to your work again. During the break times, you can chat with a friend, take a walk around the block, or do some other restful activity to re-energize," suggested Debbie Gray MSN, RN

“Find a mentor: someone who is willing to invest in you and take you through your learning curve,” recommended Jennifer Phillips BSN, RN, LNCC, CLCP

“Here is my advice: Be patient, be persistent, be professional, and network, network, network,” suggested Erin Gollogly BSN, RN

Business Series Webinars

Erin's advice really rings true at AALNC. We think it's important to network and learn more about business practices, which is why we began our Business Series Webinars in May. We covered covered three topics: Starting an LNC Practice: Personal and Professional Readiness, LNC Entrepreneurship: Billing, Collections, and Subcontractorsand Face to Face Marketing: How to Connect with and Convert Prospects. All of these webinars are available on-demand, and can be accessed here.

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