Five Tips for Success for LNCs

Communicate Your Value to the Legal Team

The value that an LNC adds to the legal team can be immeasurable sometimes. When you’re interviewing for a position, show the value you add to a team, whether it be your clinical experience, communication skills, or certification, you should showcase all aspects of the value you add to a legal team.

Get Certified

While there are no required certifications or courses that you must take to become an LNC, the LNCC certification communicates the time and effort you have put into becoming an experienced LNC. The LNCC is the only certification that is recognized by the American Board for Specialty Nursing Certification. To learn more about the difference between a certification and a certificate, along with how to obtain your LNCC, click here.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Whether you’re interviewing for a new position, or visiting a courtroom that feels like your second home, professionalism is crucial for any LNC. Demonstrate your experience, skills, and expertise through the professional behavior that you display while on-the-job. Here are a few tips to maintain strong professional behavior:

  • Make eye contact when speaking with others
  • Shake hands when greeting other professionals
  • Dress in appropriate business attire when necessary
  • Don’t disclose specifics of a case, whether it be pending or concluded

Share Your Experience

When you are attending a job interview, it’s important to share the experiences that you’ve had that make you a valuable potential member of the legal team. You should share your clinical experience that translates into the legal nurse consulting profession. Once you are an established LNC, you should also share the prior legal nurse consulting experience you have, along with how these experiences would help the legal team.

Get Involved

One of the easiest ways to expand your professional network and grow as an LNC is to get involved in the legal nurse consulting community. If you haven’t already, joining AALNC is a great place to start. AALNC offers networking, educational, and virtual opportunities for our members to encourage professional development and educational growth. We encourage you to get involved in AALNC and other professional organizations in your community to help you grow your career as an LNC! To learn more about joining AALNC, click here.

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