AALNC Mock Trial

On September 16, 2017, AALNC hosted the AALNC Mock Trial, designed to allow experienced and aspiring LNCs to see what it is like to be involved in a trial. The day started with educational sessions in the morning, followed by the mock trial in the afternoon, and concluded with a question and answer session at the end of the day. We spoke to a few attendees to get their impressions of the day.

There was a wide range of experience levels present at the AALNC Mock Trial. With participants whose experience levels ranged from considering becoming an LNC, preparing to go to trial for the first time, and LNC veterans, we were able to gather the experiences of participants of all skill levels.

The attendees who were exploring AALNC and the LNC field felt that the mock trial provided a great opportunity to visit and network with others who are in the LNC field. One attendee shared that they were exposed to new resources that AALNC offers that they weren’t previously aware of.

The attendees we spoke with who were already LNCs and preparing to go to trial for the first time, found the use of a real case a valuable asset to the experience. With real, pointed questions from the attorneys, the LNCs felt that the information and experience received from the mock trial were extremely helpful to better know what to expect at trial.

The experienced LNC attendees also found value in the overview of the trial, along with the question and answer session at the end of the day. With conversation encouraged at the end of the session, many found that it was helpful to hear what other LNCs would’ve said in similar cases and situations.

While the mock trial didn’t offer the same experience for every participant, each attendee shared different ways that the AALNC Mock Trial helped them grow as an LNC.

A special thank you to the attendees who allowed us to share their experiences from this event, the John Marshall Law School for hosting the event, and all those who organized, traveled, and otherwise participated in the AALNC Mock Trial.

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