AALNC's President's Blog Post

Hello to all and Happy July 4th!

In my last blog entry I promised to share with you the details of two of my top priorities during my term as president.

Revision of AALNC’s Online LNC Course: We are in the process of revising and expanding our existing online LNC course. The new modules will be rolled out over the next three years. We are working on the first seven modules, which will be rolled out around the time of the forum next year. As we roll out the new modules, the old modules will be retired. LNCs who purchase the new modules will have access to a large volume of medical records and other documents from actual legal cases that have been resolved. We are also working with a master’s prepared project manager from Smith Bucklin who is assisting us to utilize the latest computer technology in online learning. We will also be retaining a professional narrator to read the script for each of the modules.

The content for the new modules is being written by highly experienced LNCs, including the co-editors of the new online course  -  Sharon McQuown, Karen Huff, Julie Dickinson and me. And of course, Pat Davis, our Director of Educational Programs is very involved in this project, as are other Board members. We are very excited about the quality of this future educational offering and look forward to the roll out of phase one next year!

Revision of Scope and Standards of Practice/Core Competencies: The BOD has revised our definition of legal nurse consulting (see below) so that it more clearly reflects what we do as legal nurses.  We also have a very dynamic task force which is revising our standards of practice and core competencies with the same goal in mind. In addition, we will be adding “behavioral expectations” based on our LNC practice analysis which will set forth the unique tasks and expectations of our speciality practice.

AALNC’s Revised Definition of Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consulting:

  • Is the application of knowledge acquired during the course of professional nursing education, training, and clinical experience to the evaluation of standard of care, causation, damages and other medically  related issues in cases or claims.
  • Is the application of additional knowledge acquired through education and experience regarding applicable legal standards and/or strategy to the evaluation of cases or claims.
  • Involves critical analysis of healthcare records and medical literature, as well as relevant legal documents and other information pertinent to the evaluation and resolution of cases or claims.
  • Results in the development of case-specific work products and opinions for use by legal professionals or agencies handling cases or claims.




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