May 27, 2013

May has been a very busy month at AALNC! We had a great response from members interested in volunteering and as a result, our Forum, Webinar, Products and Research committees are in full swing. The LNCC review course series has been very well received and we are in the process of putting these sessions online so they can be viewed 24/7.
This past week I exhibited for AALNC at the Critical Care Nursing Conference in Boston, which was attended by 8000 critical care nurses, many of whom stopped by our booth for information and literature about legal nurse consulting.
We have also been reviewing attendee feedback from our annual forum in April as well as the recent Needs Assessment survey. The Board will be responding to a list of  commonly asked questions/suggestions and providing these responses to our members. We will also keep you up to date regarding AALNC’s overall financials.
As I mentioned in my first blog post, in the coming weeks, I plan to share with you in some detail the nature of the significant work being done by the board members, our other volunteer leaders and our Director of Programs to promote AALNC’s mission and strategic plan, which was completely revised over a 2 day board meeting in January 2012. Below my signature line are AALNC’s mission statement and revised high level strategic goals.
In my next blog, I will share with you details regarding two of our top priorities for this next year, including revision of the Standards of Practice/Core Competencies and the new online LNC course.
It is a beautiful holiday in the northeast today! Wishing everyone a good day, as we remember with deep appreciation those who serve our country. May we never forget their sacrifices.
Beth Zorn (
Mission Statement
The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants promotes the professional advancement of registered nurses consulting within the legal arena by providing a forum for education, research and exchange of information.
Strategic Goals
AALNC will position itself as the leader in the specialty practice of legal nurse consulting by setting education standards and metrics, by being the voice of the legal nurse consulting community, by conducting research related to LNC practice and by improving visibility to the clinical nursing community.
AALNC will create awareness of legal nurse consulting within the legal community by aligning key communications, programs and features with the needs of LNC employers and by developing partnerships that are strategic and a major leverage of AALNC assets.
AALNC will maintain a sound business model by using revenue generated from membership, educational programing, and other budget programs to develop and offer high-quality, innovative, competitively-priced educational products as well as other value-driven benefits and resources for legal nurse consultants.

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