Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting Fall 2020: President's Update

Dear AALNC Members,

Once again, I am starting this note during a time in our lives when our world is experiencing tremendous change and unrest. The public health emergency that is COVID-19 has continued to tap the strength of front line workers, though it has 'moved' to other parts of the country. Living less than an hour from mid-town Manhattan made the illness all too real for me. The numbers we hear on the news of positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are well beyond what most of us can really imagine. Many nurses in our organization continue to be clinically active and have faced the acuity of this illness and the horrific speed with which it attacks the vulnerable, as well as those who are seemingly not. These professionals have continued to do what they were trained to do - many working dozens of shifts and very long hours; some far from home - regardless of the risks to their own health. As an organization of nurses, we stand and thank you for your selfless work.

As nurses we strive to be inclusive of all people. The JLNC has chosen to focus the Fall issue on Human Rights, including human trafficking. In the way nurses are taught to be mandatory reporters when we suspect child abuse, we need to learn the signs to look for in people who are being trafficked. I believe Julie Dickinson and the JLNC Committee have put together a very informative issue this quarter. I hope the discussion about changes in how we see and treat each other will continue.

Remarkably, our work at AALNC has continued to be as busy, if not busier since my last note. Though our in-person Forum in Denver was cancelled, we are stil working very hard to give you (in a multitude of ways) the same wonderful education you would have received on-site. We are turning some of the speaker presentations into webinars, and others may be presented in September 2020 during the LNC Jumpstart program. Registration opened for this new adventure on July 14, 2020. Head to the website to explore the day's virtual plans and presentations. You will be able to accrue up to 5.33 CNEs while attending LNC Jumpstart, provided by AALNC. We have also added special deals for those who sign up for the program.

It is clear the world has had to adjust to the issues presented in 2020. AALNC had to do the same. Though we were unable to meet face to face, we have continued to maintain the connections with our members. Your Board of Directors (BOD) has taken a step back to survey and then many steps forward while we continue to work as a team to provide the leadership and support for our membership. The members of AALNC are a community; we may have had some rough patches recently, but we continue to persevere as professionals and legal nurse consultants. The BOD has continued to lead during this tough time while our members continue to do the work they do best. Those members and the community they provide continue to be the reason for our organization being a home for all LNCs.


Laura Grossman Nissim, RN, MS, CNS, LNCC

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