Celebrating As Nurses

Dear AALNC Members,

Happy Certified Nurses Day to all the LNCCs® and other board-certified nurses!  Thursday March 19th was a day to recognize and honor nurses who have achieved board-certification in their nursing practice.  This is an accomplishment to be proud of - evidence of your expertise, knowledge, and skills.  

Celebrate Certified Nurses Day

Celebrating National Nurses Week

In May, AALNC will also be celebrating National Nurses Week!  Has an attorney, client, or employer given you accolades for your medical legal work?  AALNC is seeking testimonials from your clients to celebrate and showcase LNCs as vital members of the legal team.  Please consider sharing such feedback (with permission) here:  https://aalnc.site-ym.com/?Testimonials

How do you celebrate being a nurse? 


Julie Dickinson

President, AALNC



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