Networking Tips and Tricks from the Annual Forum

This guest post is by Lori Combs, BS, RN, LNC. She is a current AALNC Social Media Committee member and current West Virginia/Upper Ohio Valley Chapter President.

It was another successful AALNC Annual Forum in Indianapolis this year and for those that were able to attend, I hope you had as good of an experience as I did.  The Annual Forum is not only about learning and expanding your LNC knowledge with excellent presenters; it is also about networking between attendees. 

Networking can be intimidating and will challenge many of us to step outside of our comfort zone, but there are tips and tricks to becoming successful in order to create trust and relationships.    

At this year’s Forum, newly elected AALNC President Varsha Desai discussed the importance of networking to obtain your professional goals and then encouraged us all to practice what we learned by participating in a fun game of networking BINGO.  A preset group of questions was placed in small squares on a card to form a larger square like a BINGO card.  The small squares had questions that were open-ended that you needed to ask someone within the networking event.   If you asked all of the questions (and had them signed off) in the down, across, or diagonal columns you then entered your card to win a prize.  This was an excellent way to approach a room full of potential strangers and strike up a conversation with them.

Some other tips to successfully networking are:

  • Know Your Goals: Is it to meet other successful LNC’s, attorneys for potential job opportunities, or that perfect expert you need for your case? Determining your goals will assist you to develop a plan of action.
  • Ask Open-ended Questions: People generally like to talk about themselves and in a networking opportunity, open-ended questions allow you to open a dialogue. From there, you can nurture a conversation based on what you’ve learned.
  • Be Yourself: Remember you are there to make connections, relationships and build trust, so bring your best self to the table.


Lori Combs BS, RN, LNC
West Virginia/Upper Ohio Valley AALNC Chapter President 2014-2015
Critical Analysis Consulting, LLC


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