Connections and Lessons from the 2015 Annual Forum

by Annette Powers-Kilburn

The 2015 AALNC Forum, held in Indianapolis, was just too close to home to pass up …. It was my first time attending the Forum and I have to say, I am so glad I did!

The benefits to attending are invaluable but a couple things still stick out in my mind. First, meeting the LNCs I’ve chatting with on LinkedIn meant I could match the face and name with the person and truly connect with fellow LNCs.  I recognized a few, but several recognized me first and came up directly to me to introduce themselves!  Many have been part of discussions I’ve participated in (or lurked in as I watched a discussion evolve). 

I was already linked with quite a few, but the value of actually talking to that person, getting a sense of their personality, discussing their specialties and experiences as a LNC were fantastic insight into our shared specialty as LNCs.  Networking and hearing about how connections can lead to other opportunities was affirmation that reaching out to attorneys and other LNCs is critical to our specialty practice.

Second, I’ve been asked several times which session was my favorite, or where I learned the most, or the best advice I learned for my business. I have a hard time picking just one!  Currently, I am in the process of developing two presentations for two very different groups as part of their continuing education.  (One is for a regional group of legal office staff and another to a group of nurses about the implications of e-documentation in their specialty.)

So right now I am always looking for how people present … How do they outline their presentation? Do they use images? Cartoons? Charts? References?  These are things I also keep in mind as I prepare to present to an attorney; either as I am showing the firm how I can be an effective part of the cases, or as I develop a case with the firm, or when I exhibit at a legal conference. The AALNC Annual Forum gave me a wide array of ideas and best practices.

Lastly, each session I attended had valuable information! I am a note taker and had printed off the PowerPoint presentation to have on hand—which I highly recommend.  I use the margins of my notes to star where something said by the presenter triggered a thought or idea about a case I’m working on. Perhaps the star is about some insight that will lead to a literature search in a slightly new direction.  A notepad tucked into the front of the binder had the list of things I wanted to follow-up on.  Whether I use the information presented in the session right away, or place the binder of notes on the shelf behind my desk, I learned an incredible amount during the Annual Forum. 

Interested in seeing the AALNC Annual Forum first-hand? Save the date for the 2016 Annual Forum April 22-23 at the Westin Charlotte, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Annette received her RN from Kettering College in Dayton.  She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of New Orleans and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix.  She has an independent Legal Nurse Consulting firm, Powers-Kilburn & Associates, in Covington, Ohio.  Case experience has been plaintiff and defense, professional liability defense and location of testifying experts, as well as serving as a testifying expert.  Her clinical background is in skilled nursing / long term care memory care and as an RN Trainer for DD caretakers.,

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