Committee Spotlight: Webinars from Concept to Production

AALNC depends upon the hard work and dedication of our committees. This week we would like to spotlight the Webinar committee, who works hard to develop the varied and robust webinar series the association offers. With duties from locating top notch speakers to honing new ways to market your association and skills, the hardworking LNCs of the webinar committee shared some thoughts on what they do, what makes it rewarding, and what their advice is for starting in the field. 


What’s the scope of your work with AALNC?

The Webinar Committee:

  • Finds speakers/topics through the committee’s individual and collective efforts and through the “Call for Speakers” sent out in January.
  • Evaluates and brainstorms on how a speaker/topic will fill a particular knowledge gap
  • Educates potential speakers on the webinar process  
  •  Assists, guides and works with speakers as they complete the paperwork and create their PPT
  •  Monitors the webinars to meet ANCC guidelines
  •  Critiques webinars to improve on the experience
  •  Reviews the evaluations filled out by those who attend our webinars
  •  Decides on which webinars will be put into the bookstore for purchase
  •  Finds and implements new, creative ways to market our webinars to new audiences  (such as attorneys, insurance companies, risk managers etc.)
  •  Works with HQ and the Director of Educational Planning to create, produce and market webinars

What’s the most important responsibility your committee handles for AALNC?

The Webinar Committee is tasked with finding topics and speakers to meet the educational needs of AALNC's members.   Each educational activity is based on a needs assessment that is conducted through surveying members, requesting input from members for future topics and reviewing evaluations of previous educational activities.  This assessment data is evaluated by the committee and is used to identify and validate a gap in knowledge, skills or practice. Once a gap in knowledge, skills or practice has been identified, the Webinar Committee begins planning the educational activity according to ANCC guidelines.


What’s the most interesting part of serving on your committee?

Margie Pugatch: The webinar committee functions as an active hands-on committee.  We are fortunate to be able to bring an idea of a webinar from concept to production.   Being able to do that is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being on this committee for me.    

Lisa Mancuso:  The most interesting thing for me is to learn the process of being a committee member and the opportunity to network with other LNCs across the country.   

Sandie Colatrella:  I have learned a lot from working on this committee.  Certainly I have learned that this group has highly motivated, experienced nurses.  It is really a committee doing meaningful work.    

Has serving on a committee furthered your career and/or work as an LNC?

Margie Pugatch:  Serving on a committee has been beneficial to my career as I enhance my own knowledge base through working with the rest of the committee and working with speakers and attending webinars.  In addition serving on the committee and on others in the past has provided me with networking opportunities that I would not have had but for the committee. 


What would you tell someone interested in serving on your committee?

Margie Pugatch:  If you are interested in actively participating with a group of experienced LNCs who are enthusiastic, thoughtful and knowledgeable then this committee would be of interest to you.  If you enjoy brainstorming ideas, if you are detail oriented (and what nurse isn’t?) then this committee will be of interest to you.    

Debbie Gray: Service on this committee allows members to provide relevant educational topics, and interact with high profile speakers within the industry. If you are a planner and place a premium on professional development, service on this committee would be a good fit for you.


What advice would you give to a new member of AALNC?

Take advantage of what AALNC has to offer by getting involved! 

Educate yourself to the next level!

AALNC is a powerful educational resource for our members.  Webinars, on-line courses, the journal, the book store will serve the new member well and will take their skills to a new level.

Network with others!

 In addition, a new member also has the ability to network through the organization by volunteering for any number of wonderful committees or through attending the Forum. 

Build your CV!

The Webinar Committee is always looking for speakers.  If you are a new member and have some knowledge that might fill the knowledge gap of our members, the committee would like to talk with you.  Do you have an idea for a journal article?  Pitch the article to the editor of the journal!  Are you ready to take the certification test?        

2015 Webinar Committee

Marjorie Pugatch, Chair, RN, BSN, MA, EMT-B, LNCC

Lisa Mancuso, RN, BSN, PCCN, CCRN

Denise Howard, MS, RN

Debra Gray, RN, MSN

Jane Shufro, BSN, RN, CPAN

Janet Bailey Parker, RN, MSM, LNCC, CCM, MSCC, CLCP, CMSP

Tamara Karlin, RN, LNCC

Sandie Colatrella, RN, BSN

Shannon Holy, MSN, BSN, RN, LNCC (Liaison)


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