AALNC Board Members Share Certification Advice

Are you an experienced LNC looking to get certified? Wondering how certification can help you in your career?

We sat down with AALNC Board Members who shared their experience getting certified, and tips and advice for those considering becoming certified. These members shared insider advice, having been through the certification process before, to readers who are considering becoming certified, or who are looking for tips on recertification. As successful entrepreneurs in the legal nurse consulting field, these experts are letting you in on their best-kept secrets around certification.

We asked the board members to tell us a little bit about why they chose to pursue membership and educational opportunities with AALNC rather than those of AALNC’s competitors. AALNC Board of Directors are volunteer leaders in the legal nurse consultant community who are eager to share their advice and tips with you, to further grow the industry practice. Each board member had a different back-story before coming to AALNC, but all stressed that the mentoring and networking available to AALNC members was crucial in their decision-making process.

The mentoring and networking opportunities that AALNC provides has spilled over to how each board member has built their practice. Each stated that utilizing AALNC’s networking opportunities has helped them grow their book of business.

While each board member had a different path to certification, each had tips for staying current with your certification, along with advice for becoming certified.

Tips for Staying Current with Your Certification

  • Take advantage of opportunities to gather CEUs, CLEs and other educational opportunities during the five years prior to being re-certified. (Hint. Hint.)
  • Attending networking events and conferences not only helps you keep your education up-to-date, but it also helps advance your career when you connect with others in the industry.
  • Utilize local chapter opportunities if you need help finding educational opportunities near you.

Advice for Becoming Certified

  • You should understand that while the certification is valued in the legal community, you will still have to demonstrate your professional expertise to new clients.
  • Take advantage of the certification tools and resources that AALNC offers when preparing for the certification exam.
  • Get to know what your local market looks like in terms of the view of certification. Use the certification as a point of differentiation if not many people your area are certified.

Whether you’re considering becoming certified, are already certified or are looking to re-certification, each board member recommended taking advantage of all of the resources that AALNC offers in regards to certification exam preparation.

“AALNC has been instrumental in supporting and advancing my LNC career. It is through networking and building relationships that I have gotten 100% of my work and met some of the most inspiring, intelligent, motivated people I know.” -2017 Board Member

Invest in your career by learning more about joining AALNC to take advantage of the resources AALNC can offer you by clicking here.

A special thank you to the AALNC Board Members who took the time to tell us more about their path to certification and their experiences with AALNC. Learn more about the AALNC Board of Directors.

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