Happy 30th Anniversary, AALNC!

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year! As we look back on the last 30 years as the organization that LNCs, nurses, healthcare providers, attorneys, and others turn to as the gold standard in legal nurse consulting, we wanted to reflect on 30 pivotal moments during our organization’s lifetime.

  1. 1989: AALNC was officially formed as a not-for-profit association
  2. 1990: Election of AALNC’s first Board of Directors
  3. 1990: AALNC hosted its first annual national education conference
  4. 1997: Establishment of the ALNCCB
  5. 1998: Publication of the first edition of Legal Nurse Consulting, Principles and Practices
  6. 1999: ALNCCB received initial accreditation from the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS)
  7. 2001: Offering of the AALNC Professional Legal Nurse Consulting courses
  8. 2001: Distribution of AALNC newsletter “Network News”
  9. 2001: Update to AALNC website capabilities to allow for online orders
  10. 2001: Launch of the LNC Locator
  11. 2001: Publication of three legal nurse consulting case studies
  12. 2002: Redesign of the Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting
  13. 2002: Launch of the AALNC Membership Directory
  14. 2006: Recognition of legal nurse consulting as a subspecialty of nursing by the ANA
  15. 2007: Developed business plans for the AALNC LNC Professional Course and its webinar series
  16. 2008: Activation of the Attorney Awareness Initiative
  17. 2010: Launch of the AALNC webinar series
  18. 2012: Introduction of the shortened Annual Forum format
  19. 2012: AALNC received accreditation as an American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Education provider
  20. 2013: Finalization and release of the AALNC LNCC Review Course
  21. 2013: AALNC gained representation on the ABA’s Nursing Alliance and Allied Healthcare Professionals Task Force
  22. 2014: Launch of RN and non-RN membership categories
  23. 2015: Implementation of first digital advertising and social media strategy
  24. 2015: Update of AALNC website and visual identity
  25. 2015: Launch of Board Culture Statement, and Code of Ethics
  26. 2016: Release of on-demand webinar product category
  27. 2017: Release of self-published Scope and Standards document
  28. 2017: Revision of the AALNC LNC Professional Course
  29. 2017: AALNC hosted its first Mock Trial
  30. 2018: Launch of the AALNC Professional Development Center

While AALNC has accomplished much more than the 30 things on this list over its lifetime, we’re so proud to present the exciting achievements that our members have helped us accomplish over the last 30 years. Thank you for making AALNC the organization that it has grown to be today!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

We’ve gathered a few pictures from the archive – check out these photos from past AALNC conferences.

First AALNC Conference-min.png

AALNC’s first annual conference (1990).


2004 Conference Networking Reception-min.JPG

Networking and mingling at the annual conference networking reception (2004).


2006 Conference-min-min (1).JPG

Having a great time at dinner at the annual conference (2006).


2008 Conference-min.JPG

Undeniable chapter spirit at the annual conference (2008).

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