What is an LNC?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started as an LNC?

How can I network with other LNCs beyond my local chapter?

There are many ways you can network with other LNC's involved in AALNC beyond your local chapter. Our biggest networking opportunity is the annual forum, which is every April. The Forum changes its location every year to ensure LNC's from all over the country have access. It is a great way to meet other LNC's. 

You can also participate in professional networking via a free subscription to LinkedIn. Our AALNC group on LinkedIn has 6,540 members and there are frequently public discussions between LNC's looking for nurses in certain areas or specialties.

How much does an LNC make?

It is difficult to determine one salary for an LNC due to the wide variance of hourly rates. It depends on which state the client lives in, the types of records you would be reviewing, the subject matter of the review, and the complexity of the report requested. The number of hours budgeted and what the attorney is willing to pay is also important.

You may have to test the waters with a rate and see what the reaction is, based on all of the above. See if you can get in touch with other LNC's in your area to ask them what their rates are.

Does AALNC have a mentorship program?

AALNC does not currently have an established mentorship program. If you have specific questions on being an LNC, feel free to contact the Director at Large for your state, listed on this page.

How do I get started as an LNC after taking the online course?

If you have taken our introductory course, you should have a solid foundation to begin your career as an LNC.

AALNC offers many resources to help new LNCs get started. You can become a member and be listed in our LNC Locator® so attorneys and law firms looking for LNCs can reach out to you. Research attorneys and law firms in your area, and take a look at our career page

Volunteer for one of AALNC's committees, participate in our live and On-Demand webinars, come to our annual forum, and even get involved in a local chapter. There are many different ways to get involved, so start today!