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July 27 - July 31, 2020 I LNC Awareness Week

AALNC was founded in 1989 by a group of legal nurse consultants whose mission was to create an organization that would foster connection between other LNCs and provide a professional home for our growing profession. Over 30 years later, we have become the leading professional association for legal nurse consultants, dedicated to empowering and educating our field. We continue to remain true to our mission, expanding to reach more LNCs, both experienced and new, through our community and programs. Click here to learn more about our last 31 years.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

We had a fun and exciting week with spotlights each day on AALNC offerings and community. If you missed it this year, make sure to keep and eye out for our celebration next year!

AALNC's Board of Directors hosted a webinar, So You Want to Be an LNC?, and we invite you to hear their insight on becoming an LNC and their own personal success stories. Whether you are new or a seasoned LNC, there are helpful tips for everyone!

Many of you joined us for The Zoom Where it Happens, an informative discussion on tips and tricks for participating in "virtual depositions." With the COVID-19 pandemic, many live court appearances have resorted to on-line venues. experienced LNCs shared their insight on virtual depositions and what they have learned along the way to help make this new experience successful for them.

This four-part online module will introduce the basics of when and why to use an expert witness, where to find the right expert for a particular case, and methods for vetting the expert. It will explore techniques for preparing the expert for plaintiff and/or defense cases. The module will also reveal some of the common expert "billing pitfalls" and share best practices and sample documents to minimize billing disputes. Pre-order now and be automatically enrolled when this module is officially released!

*Available in the Professional Development Center in Fall 2020

Thanks, for celebrate our profession and the AALNC community!