Bylaws Revision

2023 Bylaws Update

The Bylaws recently underwent a comprehensive review by the Board of Directors in 2023. Per the Bylaws, amendments must be brought forth to the voting membership. The amendments must be approved by a majority of a quorum of the voting membership.



The proposed amendments to the bylaws have been made in an effort to better reflect AALNC's membership structure as well as provide clarity to the nominations and elections process to encourage a more robust leadership succession plan.

View Bylaws updates below:

When reviewing the Comments and Rationale document, proposed revisions will be clearest if you set your PDF viewer in side-by-side or two page view. This will place the track change bylaws edits on the left side of your PDF viewer, and the comments and rationale for each page on the right side of your PDF viewer.


Below is a high level summary of the changes proposed. Please refer to the Revisions and Rationale document for additonal details.

  • Inclusion of Lifetime Membership throughout the AALNC bylaws. This is a membership type used by Past Presidents and was previously not reflected in the bylaws.
  • Revision of Non-RN Membership type to Associate Membership. This name change is more inclusive of our members in the legal field, partners, and other allied healthcare professionals.
  • An amendment is proposed to Article IV Membership Section 6 to clarify allowed disciplinary action for any behavior which may diminish the good name or good will of the Association or is inconsistent with the values of the Association.
  • Amendments are proposed to Article VI Board of Directors, VVI Officers, and IX Committees to ensure clear definitions of all Board of Directors positions, and the Leadership Succession Committee.
  • Article X Elections and Appointments is proposed to be added to the bylaws. This article further clarifies the role of Leadership Succession Committee in succession planning. Elections and appointments guidelines for officers and Director-at-Large positions are more clearly outlined in this new article.
  • An amendment to Article XVII Amendments to Bylaws has been proposed, to clarify requirements for future bylaws amendment approvals. This proposed revision does not apply to this vote.
  • Grammatical and formatting edits and adjustments are noted throughout the document.


Voting is open to all RN and Lifetime Members. Please cast your vote below.

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