LNC Professional Course Modules and Packages

AALNC's Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course is currently 17 individual modules, for a total of 59 contact hours. AALNC offers several package choices, all designed to give you the most complete LNC education. Please note that all sales are final.


Purchase Options

Are you looking to maximize your contact hours this summer? For a limited time, you can access AALNC’s LNC Professional Course at a 50% discount! This package includes a total of 59 contact hours covered in 17 modules.

This course expires in November 2023, so you will need to complete all 17 modules prior to its expiration. Act fast, and earn your contact hours today! Offer valid for this LNC Professional Course bundle option only.

Want more time to complete your hours?
We are hard at work on a brand new LNC Professional Course, to be released in Fall 2023. If you purchase the current course at full price, you will receive complimentary access to the equivalent module(s) of the revised course upon its release this fall.

Course Packages

Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course – This includes all 17 modules for a total of 59 contact hours.

Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course with Resource Library – This is all 17 modules, plus the Growing Your Practice resource library

Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course with Resource Library & Textbook – This is all 17 modules, Growing Your Practice, and a physical copy of AALNC’s Principles and Practices of Legal Nurse Consulting 4th edition textbook


Module 1: Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting
Module 2: Legal Fundamentals
Module 3: Interacting with Plaintiff and Defense Clients
Module 4: Medical Records Identification, Access, and Analysis
Module 5: Researching Medical Literature & Other Information
Module 6: Written Communication and Report Writing
Module 7: Identification, Evaluation, and Collaboration with Expert Witnesses
Module 8: Case Analysis: Medical Malpractice
Module 9: Case Analysis: Personal Injury
Module 10: Case Analysis: Long Term Care
Module 11: Case Analysis: Product Liability
Module 12: Case Analysis: Toxic Tort
Module 13: Business Principles & Practices
Module 14: Role of the LNC: Pleadings and Discovery
Module 15: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Trial
Module 16: Role of the Nurse Expert
Module 17: Other LNC Practice Areas