Awareness Initiatives

Dear AALNC Members,

In my last blog post, I relayed that AALNC was exhibiting at the Critical Care Nurses’ conference in Denver.  Later this month, the association will be exhibiting at AHLA (American Health Lawyers Association) in New York City.  I therefore want to share more information with you about AALNC’s awareness initiatives, how they tie into the association’s strategic goals, and how they benefit the association and you, as members.

AALNC’s strategic plan contains two objectives related to awareness:  raising clinical nursing and legal/attorney awareness.  Both have benefits for AALNC members as well as for the association.

To further the first objective, the AALNC Board of Directors chose to exhibit at National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI/AACN) which was held in Denver in May.  Kim Beladi RN BSN LNCC, AALNC Director at Large, represented the association.  This event was attended by over 6,000 nurses from across the country, and Kim educated attendees about legal nurse consulting, AALNC, the LNCC© board certification, and much more.  In addition, Patricia Davis MSN RN, AALNC Director of Programs; AALNC Education Committees; Wendie Howland MN RN-BC CRRN CCM CNLCP LNCP-C LNCC, Editor of the Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting (JLNC); and the  JLNC Editorial Board are identifying ways our association can partner with clinical nursing associations on joint educational programing.  All of these clinical nursing awareness initiatives benefit the association by exposing potential members and/or potential customers to the specialty practice of legal nurse consulting and to our organization, mission, LNCC© certification, and various products and services.  Increased members and customers translates into enhanced networking opportunities at the Forum and in the LNC community, richer discussions on social media, more job opportunities (e.g. insurance companies, LNC firms, subcontracting), even greater educational opportunities, more results when using the LNC Locator©, etc. - all of which are valuable to AALNC’s members.

To further the second objective, AALNC will be exhibiting at the AHLA (American Health Lawyers Association) annual conference in New York City at the end of June.  Susan Carleo RN CAPA, AALNC Director at Large, and Varsha Desai BSN RN CNLCP LNCC, AALNC President Elect, will be representing the organization.  Comprised of over 12,500 members, AHLA’s focus is on legal issues in the healthcare field.  Because of the high concentration of attorneys at this conference who work on the types of claims in which LNCs can add value, exhibiting at this conference was an easy decision for the AALNC Board of Directors.  It offers the most return on investment for legal exhibiting, which is traditionally very expensive.  This is AALNC’s first time exhibiting at AHLA, and the Board is excited to see what opportunities and relationship may grow from this.  Furthermore, the AALNC Board will be strategically placing the LNC Locator© ad in legal publications and websites as an additional means to increase attorney awareness.  These initiatives help to promote our specialty practice and provide an opportunity to illustrate the value LNCs can bring to attorneys and their cases.  These, coupled with increased awareness and usage of the LNC Locator© tool, lead to more work opportunities for AALNC members.

Enjoy your summer!

Julie Dickinson
President, AALNC

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