Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting Spring 2021: President's Update

Dear Members,

I am writing yo in the middle of the holiday season, at the end of a year that none of us have ever imagined or seen before and that I would imagine would not want to see again. I hope when you are reading this, we have come through the winter and the promise of spring includes the decrease of the curve and the success of the vaccination programs that have been approved for emergency administration by the FDA. I wish i had a crystal ball that I could view just to have an inkling of where we are as a country and as a world. But that did not come with my Presidency, so for now I will keep all of my fingers crossed.

We had a very successful round-table Ask an LNC webinar in early December. So many new nurses are interested in our field! Our panelists provided great answers to queries from attendees and hopefully encouraged them to join us at the home for all LNCs.

Our Annual Forum is coming up this April 13, 2021 - April 16, 2021. The schedule is well thought out, and the speakers are going to be interesting and educational. Though we are not all together, I hope with the assistance of the video platform (and our AALNC HQ Executive Staff) we can enjoy a truly interactive learning experience while also being able to network with fellow LNCs that we cannot see in person.

Though we have had to adjust, change, and rethink so many things, AALNC has remained a vibrant and growing organization. Our membership is higher this year than it was (at this time) for the prior two years. Our educational sales have continued to grow, especially our LNCC Review Course, Professional Course, and our textbook - the 4th Edition P&P. Certification revenue has exceeded budget in both certification and recertification.

In a year when we had no play book or strategy to utilize, we used all the tools that nurses have always used; we planned, we researched, and we learned from our efforts. This quarter's Journal looks at niche roles for the Legal Nurse Consultant. Julie, along with the Editorial Committee, has put together a journal that encourages us to look at LNC opportunities outside those most of us think about. Articles are presented about succession planning, mentoring, and working as an expert on Board of Nursing cases. There are also two roundtables planned for this edition as well.

I hope you all enjoy the Spring 2021 issue of the Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting. I also hope to 'see' as many of you as possible at the AALNC Educational Forum this April.


Laura Grossman Nissim, RN MS CNS LNCC

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