Board & Staff

Board & Staff

AALNC is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by a staff at national headquarters.

Lisa Mancuso

Lisa Mancuso, BSN, RN, CCRN, CLCP, LNCC

Jennifer Parks

Jennifer Parks, RN, LNCC

Tamara Karlin-Bossier

Tamara Karlin-Bossier, RN, LNCC

Mary Flanagan

Past President
Mary Flanagan, BSN, RN, CNOR, LNCC

Judy A. Young

Director at Large
Judy A. Young, MSN, MHL, RN, LNCC

Kenyetta Christmas

Director at Large
Kenyetta Christmas, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

Barbara Gaynor

Director at Large
Barbara Gaynor, BSN, RN, BCPA







Headquarters Staff

Executive Director
Janae Lindsley

Membership and Operations Senior Coordinator
Melissa Van Fleteren

Director of Programs and Education
Karen Wilkinson, MN, ARNP, LNCC, CNLCP

Accounting Manager
Tim Lukoshus

Contact any of the headquarters staff at 312-321-5177 or at!

Culture Statement

  1. Commit to a mindset that seeks courage over fear, positioning us as an organization, as a Board of Directors, and as individuals to be orientated toward growth and learning.
  2. Embrace innovation by fostering and encouraging a community of creativity and new ideas.
  3. Develop and nurture conditions that promote diversity, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging for all members of our organization.
  4. Value strong analysis of data, seeking to make mission-driven and informed decisions that focus on meaningful goal-setting and measurable results.
  5. Cultivate a team approach to lively, respectful, and thoughtful discussion that encourages healthy dialogue, keeps us curious, and solves problems together.
  6. Mentor, support, and challenge each other, striving to shape an accessible and safe atmosphere rooted in honesty and trust.
  7. Maintain a strong fiduciary mentality that supports and protects our organization, reflecting our commitment to ensure a healthy financial position and long-term viability.
  8. Relentlessly pursue alignment by embracing our vulnerabilities yet affirming our commitment as a Board to speak with one voice.