LNC Professional Course Modules

AALNC's Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course consists of 27 individual modules, with varying contact hours. Modules are available for individual purchase for a pay-as-you-go option, or if you are interested in a particular subject matter. AALNC also offers several package choices, all designed to give you an LNC education that meets your needs! Please note that all sales are final.



Module 1: Essentials of Legal Nurse Consulting
Module 2: Legal Fundamentals and Elements of Proof in Negligence
Module 3: Initiating Litigation, Discovery, and Disclosure
Module 4: Defense Medical Examinations
Module 5: Sources of Medical Information, Access, and EMRs
Module 6: Screening and Elements of Case Analysis: Medical Negligence Claims
Module 7: Communication with Attorney's Clients in the Medical Malpractice Arena
Module 8: Researching Medical Literature and Other Information
Module 9: Medical Summary and Report Preparation: Principles and Process
Module 10: The Legal Nurse Consultant as Expert Witness and Fact Witness
Module 11: Case Analysis: Personal Injury
Module 12: Long-Term Care Litigation
Module 13: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Product Liability Litigation
Module 14: Evaluating Toxic Tort Cases
Module 15: Workers' Compensation Case Evaluation
Module 16: Evaluating Forensic Cases
Module 17: Correctional Health Care and Civil Rights
Module 18: Employment Law and Occupational Health and Safety
Module 19: Informed Consent and Medical Treatment Decisions
Module 20: The Various Settings for Legal Nurse Consultant Practice
Module 21: Risk and Patient Safety for the Legal Nurse Consultant
Module 22: The Life Care Planning Expert
Module 23: Medical Bill Review and Medicare Set-Asides
Module 24: Healthcare Provider Investigations, Administrative Proceedings, and Fraud
Module 25: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation, and Other Settlements 
Module 26: Trial Preparation and Process
Module 27: Business Principles & Practices