LNC Professional Course

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The new LNC Professional Course is now available! 

The LNC Professional Course allows current and aspiring legal nurse consultants the opportunity to continue their LNC education in the comfort of their own home, at their convenience. As the gold standard for legal nurse consulting, AALNC created the LNC Professional Course to provide all experience levels of LNCs the opportunity to continue their journey as an LNC. These informative course modules, led by AALNC subject matter experts, provide an interactive learning experience for individuals interested in the unique field of legal nurse consulting. The course is comprised of 27 modules which students may purchase individually, or as bundles targeted to varying experience levels and interest areas. Explore available learning options below. Please note that all sales are final.

Bundle Spotlights

Classic Concepts Module Bundle

This module bundle option includes 16 modules on classic LNC topics, with content updated from AALNC's original Professional Course. This is an ideal bundle option for the legal nurse consultant looking for a well-rounded look at common LNC skills and practice areas. Total CNE: 56.5

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New Content Areas Module Bundle

This module bundle option includes 11 modules on LNC practice areas, presented in new modules not previously included in AALNC's original Professional Course. This is an ideal bundle option for the legal nurse consultant looking to expand their knowledge in the LNC field, or hone skills in other practice areas. Total CNE: 23.5

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Complete Course Bundle

This module bundle option includes all 27 modules of the LNC Professional course. Total CNE: 80

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Individual Modules

The AALNC Professional Course consists of 27 individual modules, with varying contact hours. Modules are available for individual purchase for a pay-as-you-go option, or if you are interested in a particular subject matter.

Module 1: Essentials of Legal Nurse Consulting Module 15: Workers' Compensation Case Evaluation
Module 2: Legal Fundamentals and Elements of Proof in Negligence Module 16: Evaluating Forensic Cases
Module 3: Initiating Litigation, Discovery, and Disclosure Module 17: Correctional Health Care and Civil Rights
Module 4: Defense Medical Examinations Module 18: Employment Law and Occupational Health and Safety
Module 5: Sources of Medical Information, Access, and EMRs Module 19: Informed Consent and Medical Treatment Decisions
Module 6: Screening and Elements of Case Analysis: Medical Negligence Claims Module 20: The Various Settings for Legal Nurse Consultant Practice
Module 7: Communication with Attorney's Clients in the Medical Malpractice Arena Module 21: Risk and Patient Safety for the Legal Nurse Consultant
Module 8: Researching Medical Literature and Other Information Module 22: The Life Care Planning Expert
Module 9: Medical Summary and Report Preparation: Principles and Process Module 23: Medical Bill Review and Medicare Set-Asides
Module 10: The Legal Nurse Consultant as Expert Witness and Fact Witness Module 24: Healthcare Provider Investigations, Administrative Proceedings, and Fraud
Module 11: Case Analysis: Personal Injury Module 25: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation, and Other Settlements 
Module 12: Long-Term Care Litigation Module 26: Trial Preparation and Process
Module 13: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Product Liability Litigation Module 27: Business Principles & Practices
Module 14: Evaluating Toxic Tort Cases  

Additional Module Bundles

On top of the bundle spotlights, AALNC also offers several package choices that provide a discount from the per-module rate — all designed to give you an LNC education that meets your needs! 

Legal Nurse Consulting Teaser Module Bundle

This module bundle is comprised of modules that introduce some essentials of Legal Nurse Consulting, the essentials of the law, and an introduction to case analysis. This teaser bundle is an excellent way to get started at exploring how to get started as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Total CNE: 12.5

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Getting Started — Beginning LNC Module Bundle

This module bundle is comprised of modules that include everything a beginning LNC will need to get started on an LNC Practice including what a LNC is and functions, how to apply nursing knowledge to areas of litigation, communicating and working with attorney clients, preparing work product, and setting up a LNC business. Total CNE: 27.5

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Expanding Your Practice — Intermediate LNC Module Bundle

This module bundle is comprised of modules that the established LNC might need to expand their LNC Practice beyond the basics. It is designed to help the newer LNCs learn about and expand their LNC practice to include potential new lines of service to their attorney clients. Total CNE: 14

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LNC Niche Practice Module Bundle

This module bundle is comprised of modules to help the LNC find expanded areas of practice in areas with specialized expertise such as forensic nursing, correctional health, and employment law. Total CNE: 7

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Life Care Planning, Worker's Compensation, and Medical Billing Module Bundle

This module bundle is comprised of modules to help the LNC explore more about other areas of expertise including Life Care Planning, Workers’ Compensation, and performing medical bill reviews and Medicare Set-Asides. Total CNE: 6.7

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AALNC is dedicated to providing quality education for all professionals with an interest in legal nurse consulting, including novice and veteran legal nurse consultants. These course modules were developed utilizing the recommended curriculum for legal nurse consulting education, Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice. Through the lecture and presentation, reading and additional required assignments, and additional supplemental resources, each module expands upon specific chapters of the text. When purchasing a course package or individual module, you will have until the posted expiration date to complete the activity and gain contact hours.

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