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Thank you for volunteering as a coach for our LNC Jumpstart Report Writing Workshop! This page contains resources for you to utilize during the coaching process, as well as a place to upload your feedback.


LNC Coaching Instructions

LNC Coach Checklist

LNC Jumpstart Recording
This is not required viewing, but is provided as optional reference materials


The following was provided to the participants:

The case is about a gentleman who underwent prostatectomy and arrested and subsequently died in the post-operative period.  For the purpose of this learning activity/exercise, you are to assume that the attorney contacted you to ask you to review the case as a behind-the-scenes LNC.  You discussed this with him and agreed to review the records and submit either a chronology or narrative report with your opinions to him.  He is in no hurry, and has given you until November 10th to complete your work.  The records provided below are almost 700 pages, but they are hospital records and contain many pages of information that you will be able to quickly review.  Decide what type of work product you want to submit and create your chronology or narrative report to upload.  It is suggested that you upload your document as a Word Document so if the coach wants to review your report with track changes they can include comments. 

You can submit an LNC chronology or an LNC narrative report with opinions - you cannot submit both.

Medical Records

Letter to LNC - Narrative Report

Letter to LNC - Chronology Report

Please note, the medical records provided for this exercise have been redacted and include no identifying information. These medical records are property of AALNC and are for use during this learning activity only. You may not share or reproduce these medical records in any way, outside of this activity.